Become a more sustainable and transparent brand and help contribute to the sustainable growth of the fashion industry.

Our market leading, industry-backed platform enables brands to achieve their Sustainable Development Goals and drives change within the fashion industry, through digital transformation technology. Our solution delivers rapid visualization of digital material samples, and transforms the way brands interact and collaborate with their supply chain.

Why Material Exchange?

Membership to the most comprehensive digital material library in the world.

Increase supply chain transparency by instantly viewing the production capabilities, sustainability accreditations and ethical sourcing certifications of suppliers and material agents.

Instantly broadcast material needs and requirements deep into your supply chain.

Instant access to 1000’s of digital material samples.

Access to a secure and credible consolidation of key supply chain data.

Streamline the product development process by downloading digital samples to be used in conjunction with existing 2D/3D CAD products.




by industry experts

“Material Exchange is a critical platform right now for our members. It allows brands to digitally transform their material supply chain; reducing costs and risks while increasing speed to market. It’s the one platform that's helping brands transform their workflows without much implementation effort.”

Andy Polk

Senior Vice President at FDRA