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Per the Material Exchange - I was one of the founding members to establish the vision and identify the technology and business profile required to launch this critical industry resource/service. On a more personal note: I have been primarily involved in technologies that automate getting things done. The successes in this industry through the products that I have had direct involvement with (in my humble opinion) have allowed thousands of people to spent hundreds of hours per year doing something other than working. To me, this is very important, and also ironic - in that I work 60-70 hours a week to help bring software to companies so that those benefiting from that software/changed processes can work less than 50 hours :) My goal is to live as long as I can add value to those around me. Some might say that I should have died years ago but then for those - I am adding the value of teaching them temperance :) My view of life is that we should continue to gain positive experiences and NEVER (or as much of never as is possible) impede (or limit) anyone else's ability to gain positive experiences. Specialties: I am a world-class expert in streamlining a company's process through software automation and process reengineering. No bragging, just reality. To balance that I am extremely bad at other things (like shopping, carpentry, free-climbing/rocks, and a general sense of humor), so I think that this balances it well. I am also a pretty good leader and have a very good track record of bringing things from vision to reality over the past 30 years in business.



OCCUPATIONVP, Global Business Development: Retail Business Unit


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