Unlocking Huge Time Savings For Developers & Technical Designers with New Samples Console in FlexPLM® Version 11.2

Posted by Luke Simms

on 31 March 2020

Tackling one of retail’s biggest hidden challenges, the latest version of PTC FlexPLM introduces the samples console – adding real-time visibility to deadlines, deliverables and samples data, and saving hundreds of hours across design and development.

We’re delighted to announce the release of FlexPLM version 11.2 which adds exclusive functionality and premieres user experience enhancements – both directly informed by retail industry feedback and requirements.

The new release includes the PTC FlexPLM samples console: a new, dedicated module designed to provide clarity, visibility, and comprehensive control to product developers and technical designers who struggle to manage multiple iterations of the product sampling process across many seasons, resulting in managing several hundred samples at any given point in time.

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