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Quality-focused supplier adopts digitization to expand their global network

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FMD Textile Co., Ltd.


Taking pride in quality

Established in 1998, FMD Textile Co., Ltd. is a textile supplier based in Guangdong, China. They produce different types of textiles including jacquard, canvas, satin, denim, mesh, knitting, and yarn-dyed. They also provide post-processing materials which include printing, coating, flocking, embroidering, water-proof fabric, and more. As a GRS- and GOTS-certified supplier, FMD takes pride in creating high-quality products and delivering the best customer experience possible.


Before joining Material Exchange, FMD found it difficult to get exposure to a variety of different brands around the world.


Since starting with Material Exchange, FMD has been able to keep their materials and their attribute data organized digitally, minimizing the need to send physical samples and helping potential customers get a clear overview of what’s available.

“Material Exchange offers professional, cohesive options for our materials.”


Better organization has allowed FMD to be more efficient. They’re also seeing an increase in their exposure to a wide range of engaged brands based globally.