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Revolutionize Material Sourcing


Digitalization is much more than just a material image, it is the process of transforming a physical material into a digital form, through detailed 2D and 3D scanning and a standardized attribute data model.  

Our Marketplace empowers suppliers to share materials with brands to easily integrate into existing 3D workflows, PLM software and CAD tools like CLO, Adobe, and Browzwear. We provide brands with the consistent and accurate material data required for product development processes. 

  • GS1 US attribute model.
  • Quality material samples.
  • Material Sustainability data.
  • Testing reports.

Explore Digital


Whether you’re looking for denim from Mexico, recycled fibre from China, a vetted material testing company, or a state of the art 3D scanning service, our ecosystem has everything you need to make better products, quicker than ever before.

  • Thousands of quality materials.
  • Hundreds of the best suppliers.
  • View and request material tests.
  • The latest in-house scanning technology.

Become More Sustainable


Use the unique Sustainability Search tool to find preferred and advanced materials. Filter materials and suppliers using our in-built sustainability badges. ​

  • Source from suppliers that meet your sustainability goals.
  • See or request material tests.
  • Find the latest sustainable materials.
  • Reduce the number of physical samples.

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