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A new era of material sourcing

Manage, organize, and optimize your sourcing process with our Digital Sourcing Platform (DSP) backed by our team of industry experts.

material exchange digital sourcing platform

Supporting material sourcing globally

Sourcing materials is a worldwide collaboration, making it complicated to keep track of everything. With our Digital Sourcing Platform (DSP), all the details – big and small – are based in a single location with access anytime. Simple, seamless, and secure, so you can make better choices for your business and for the planet. 

How does our DSP work? The following workflow lays out the process, fully digitized and streamlined to optimize what you do, from start to finish. You won’t know what you did without a DSP. 

sourcing workflow with the digital sourcing platform

Features built for you

Developed and used by industry experts, our Digital Sourcing Platform meets all of your sourcing needs. We understand the material sourcing process through and through, and we’re confident it’s going to check every box on your list. 

digital sourcing platform - digitized materials
Materials that come to life

Next-level scanning

Gain useful insights

A dashboard to access data and visuals​

material sourcing - insights & analytics
Digital sourcing platform - showrooms
Create & share showrooms

A clean presentation of materials ​ within our showrooms​

Be confident in your choices

Compare & choose materials

material data
order samples
Order & track samples​

A sample order option for brands

Make better sourcing choices

A sustainability focus

sustainability stamps on the digital sourcing platform

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