Weaving a Digital Thread with Material Exchange

July 29, 2020

Each day your designers, product developers and material teams make critical business decisions such as: Which type of material should I use? Which supplier should I use? Which material will be high quality, yet cost-effective?

The information needed to make these decisions is trapped in physical material books, which are often out of date and contain inadequate information. Searching through dozens of physical books to find the appropriate materials is a time consuming process that leads to inflated development costs and longer cycle times.

Join this must-attend webinar to learn how to transform your material selection process by leveraging a centralized digital material library containing thousands of materials with up-to-the-minute data, providing ‘one source of truth’ for material sourcing and development.

By attending this webinar you will discover:

– How Material Exchange can weave into your existing FlexPLM solution, 3D and digital product creation strategy to increase speed and innovation.
– An insight into the key features, benefits and value of leveraging Material Exchange, as told by a current brand customer.
– An exclusive offer only available to attending brands.

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