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Digitization Made Easy

Are you looking to transition your network to digital material sourcing? Whether you’re a fashion company or a non-profit in the apparel or footwear industry, the need to operate digitally isn’t just increasing – it’s inevitable. Fortunately, it’s not as big of a jump as it may seem – and with Material Exchange’s dynamic exchange interface, it’s a no-brainer.

Join the Material Exchange family as host of an exchange and enter a new phase of material sourcing.

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A Platform Made for Material Sourcing

Imagine an online platform where you can connect with suppliers/brands and exchange product information anytime, from anywhere. This platform would facilitate sharing products along with 3D visuals and attribute data, all in one place. You no longer need to imagine it: welcome to our exchanges. 

While the physical interaction of sourcing trade shows is irreplaceable, Material Exchange’s B2B sourcing platform for apparel and footwear offers an alternative requiring far less effort, travel, and cost, and that’s available all year around. The deep customization provided by exchanges aligns teams globally – in real time – with the information they need to make decisions, without clunky analog methods to record and share it.

Save time

An exchange will allow you to align your network for collaboration within a single digital interface. It’s easy to set up and easy to manage.


Brand recognition

Maintain the exchange under your own name, bringing together suppliers and brands in your market to collaborate, learn, and do business.

Global visibility

Help your suppliers achieve a global reach, exposing them to potential collaborators they wouldn’t otherwise meet.

Trend setting

Establish yourself at the forefront of the latest trends and innovations within your niche.

Promote your expertise

Be on the leading edge of thought leadership in your industry, and leverage the platform to share your knowledge with an engaged audience.

Share revenue

For every supplier or brand you sign on, you’ll increase your revenue, bringing you closer to achieving your business goals.

Stand out

Differentiate your brand from others by creating this unique material sourcing ecosystem so you can stand out in the competitive industry landscape.

Host events (coming soon!)

Access to a seamless event hosting platform to run your own events, providing your audience with information they want about the latest happenings in your market.

Bespoke Details 

A Branded Entry Point

As the host of an exchange, you’ll get your own domain name as well as a customizable visual login page and landing page that can be easily updated based on seasonality, industry events, etc.

A Branded Entry Point
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Supplier benefits

What’s In It for the Supplier

  • Their own Material Management System (MMS), a library to maintain all product data and visuals.
  • Increased visibility to the brands who are most interested in their products.
  • Ability to add the latest innovative materials and components to their collections.
  • Access to the latest information within their market.
  • Detailed metrics into brand data to assess what’s working and what needs adjustment.

Brand Benefits​

What’s In It for the Brand

Brands also see an added benefit of being members of an Exchange: they can easily find a whole pool of suppliers with materials and components they want for their own upcoming lines. Rather than scrolling through endless product searches, brands will be able to view products solely from the suppliers they want to consider, allowing them to make decisions about their purchases quickly.  

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Our Existing Exchanges

Kingpins Exchange logo

Kingpins Exchange

The world’s first digital denim library offering denim mills the ideal space to present their collections and engage in effective storytelling.

Brilliant Exchange logo

Brilliante Exchange

A curated marketplace specifically designed to showcase luxury materials to the highest quality brands on a global scale.

Some Inspiration for Future Exchanges​

If you’re not sure if you may be a good fit as a host for one of our exchanges, here are a few examples of potential exchanges that would be well-suited to the platform:

  • Branded fiber 
  • Outdoor wear 
  • Footwear 
  • Trims or accessories  
  • Apparel trading association 
  • …or many, many other categories… 

The cohesive environment of our exchanges offers the opportunity to create an exclusive, user-friendly library of materials and components like no other in existence today. Facilitate suppliers in showcasing their collections and buyers in finding their next favorite materials – our exchanges are there to support you every step of the way.

Host Your Own Exchange!

Join the Material Exchange family as host of an exchange and enter a new phase of material sourcing.