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One-day Fashion Assessment and Circularity Workshop

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Fashion Assessment and
Circularity Workshop

Fashion Assessment and Circularity Workshop

Focused on reducing impacts and increasing circularity in fashion products from design through end-of-use, re-design, re-manufacture and re-sell

Thursday, February 23, 2023
10am-4pm PST

Location: California Market Center, 8th Floor, 110 East 9th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90079

Sustainable fashion workshop details:

Six-hour intensive sustainability workshop focused on sharing strategies and solutions to assess and increase sourcing, material, and product circularity. Fast-paced and hands-on, this seminar will target sustainable and circular design strategies and practices; responsible-sourcing approaches; circularity impact calculations; end-of-use options; and more. Fashion brands, designers, and apparel-industry professionals will gain the know-how to add measurable circular and sustainable processes, actions, and practices to their products and at their companies.  Following the workshop, all attendees will earn a certificate of completion signed by Material Exchange, LA Textile, and the United States Fashion Industry Association.

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Workshop instructors

Jennifer Gilbert JG, End-of-Life Consulting

Creating engaging take back programs and product recycling

Jennifer Gilbert
Founder, JDG Group Consulting
Former CMO, I:Collect N.A.

Dig into ways to create a successful and engaging take-back program and achievable product downcycling, recycling, and repurposing.

Footwear recycling and product circularity

Tanita Gray
Shoe Waste

Measure and assess the environmental impacts of your materials and product styles.

andrea kennedy material exchange

Sustainability / strategies / impacts / mapping

Andrea Kennedy
VP of Sustainability
Material Exchange

Learn ways and approaches to development, sourcing, and design so that your materials and products can be produced more responsibly and sustainably and work toward circularity.

Nina Kaledin Flexport

Transportation impacts and emission calculations

Nina Kaledin
Program Manager

Gain expertise on how to measure and calculate the CO2 emissions of your fashion product’s supply chain.

Preferred fibers, certifications, and standards for impact minimization

Katina Boutis
Director of Sustainability

Atnyel Guedj, Made2Flow

Tier 1 and 2 impacts and action plans

Atnyel Guedj,
Chief Product Officer

Make plans to reduce the impacts of your products and make sustainable changes along your supply chain.

Stay tuned for more speakers to be announced!




Check in, coffee, tea, conversation


Welcome, introductions, learning objectives


Product supply chains, footprints and assessments, life cycle stages, in/outputs, and emissions scopes


Calculating material & product environmental impacts


Full material and product life-cycle assessment demo


Formatting and visualizing impacts


Reducing material & product environmental impacts – group work


Lunch break


Circularity, recycling and material practices, and circular design strategies and practices


Take-back, circularity and end-of-use strategies, practices and steps – apparel


Brand methods, certifications & standards for circularity and waste minimization





Take-back, circularity and end-of-use strategies, practices and steps – footwear

Circular material and product life-cycle assessment demos and comparisons

Circularity worksheet time – group work

Q&A time

*Workshop schedule is subject to change due to lesson pace, session Q&A time, speaker arrival, etc.

Register for the workshop

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We look forward to digging into strategies and solutions for decreasing impacts and increasing circularity in fashion products together with you on Thursday, February 23, 2023.

Class fee: $165
Special pricing for USFIA members: $95

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