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Source materials efficiently​

Connect with an infinite number of materials and suppliers within the footwear and apparel industry. Minimizing travel needs and improving time to market. ​  ​ 


Streamline your sourcing process to increase speed to market and improve sustainability. Receive tailored notifications when new materials are available.  


Everything you need in ONE place. Improve traceability and supply chain transparency with consistent data and instant communication with suppliers.


Accelerate time to market via digital sourcing. Download samples to use in design software. Stay up-to-date with trends and request materials.


The Sustainability Search tool allows you to search for materials and suppliers that meet your companys’ sustainability objectives.  Support the planet!

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Access 24/7/365

Finding & Sourcing

The Marketplace makes sourcing the right materials easier than ever before, with instant access to thousands of materials and hundreds of suppliers around the world, our ecosystem has everything you need to create products quicker and more cost effective.  

  • Streamlined sourcing process with up-to-date and accurate material data.
  • Easily find the right materials quicker by filtering based on criteria: season, use, sustainability, availability, geo-location, 3D, trends and more. 
  • Smart Search to receive notifications on suppliers and new materials. 

Free Sourcing Help

Fastest way to find materials

Extend your search to our larger ecosystem of suppliers, with help of our experts.



Increase your product traceability by easily tracking the material journey and gain a single-source-of-product truth into the makings of materials.

  • Access detailed supplier information.
  • Material sustainability and testing reports.
  • Up to date supply chain information. 
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Smart Search

Material Requests

Looking for Exclusive materials not shown to anyone else? Request access to specific material collections based on your needs and requirements. 

  • Easily request access to Exclusive and bespoke materials.
  • Easily order physical samples.
  • ‘Follow’ suppliers to stay up-to-date with new materials and get access before anyone else.

Access materials across the globe

Vetted ecosystem and high-quality materials.

How it works for Buyers


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Set up your profile and manage your search preferences to easily resume your search.


Search and discover

Choose from over 50+ search criteria and leverage the Smart Search to find materials quicker.


Connect and interact

 Build your digital sourcing network, communicate with suppliers and request samples 24/7/365. 

Key Features

Streamlined Material Search

Instantly filter materials based on Season, Usage, Sustainability, Innovation, Lead time, Availability, Price, Geo-location, 3D and more!

Material Data

Easily access standardized material data – developed with GS1 US – and information for product development processes. 

Search Suppliers

Easily search, evaluate and communicate with new suppliers from around the world and view their detailed company profiles.

Coming soon!

Sustainability Search

Use the unique Sustainability Search tool to find preferred and advanced materials. 


Communicate with colleagues and suppliers to manage relationships and connect teams.

Expert Help

Free sourcing help is just a click away. Request assistance from Material Exchange Experts.

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