Our leadership team have a wealth of knowledge and experience, in technology, supply chain transformation and the fashion industry.

Photo of Darren Glenister

Darren Glenister

Chief Executive Officer

Graduated London South Bank University with a Degree in Business Management. Darren has over 20 years’ experience in IT software and digital transformation technologies, and has worked for and held, senior leadership positions in some of the largest technology companies in the world. Darren has a wealth of knowledge of the industry and is a visionary of innovative technologies in emerging markets.

Dejan Zvekic

Chief Product Officer

Dejan has held leadership positions within government organisations and companies across various industries, including leading US technology companies and holds three Masters Degrees. He brings innovation and product creation, strategy and senior leadership skills that are key in developing the Material Exchange product.

Photo of Dejan Zvekic
Photo of Dora Lality

Dora Lality

Chief Legal Officer

Graduating University of Novi Sad with a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Law, Dora has experience working in some of the most prestigious law firms in Serbia. Dora has vast knowledge of international business law, a proven track record of legal successes and experience in creating and facilitating long term partnerships.

Taron Sargsyan

Chief Technical Officer

Taron has over 15 years’ experience working within software and technical industries. With a PHD in Differential Equations, Taron has the knowledge and experience to lead the technical aspect of product development.

Photo of Taron Sargsyan
Photo of Joanne Stenson

Joanne Stenson

Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Joanne is a veteran of the footwear industry, with over 30 years’ experience with brands such as Esprit, Dr. Martens, Diesel footwear, Birkenstock and Ariat International. Joanne has developed an in-depth understanding to the complexities within the materials & supplier relationships. Joanne’s industry connections and knowledge are paramount when developing brand relationships and driving Material Exchange’s growth.

Tijana Rackov

Vice President, Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success Operations

Tijana is a seasoned sales, marketing, and operations leader who has held senior and executive leadership positions with global companies for over 20 years. Tijana’s passion is focused on helping startup SaaS companies grow and succeed through building high-performing revenue teams and processes. Tijana brings her expertise in sales leadership, stategy and organization to our team.

Photo of Tijana Rackov
Photo of Nikolina Seferovic

Nikolina Seferovic

Customer Success Director

Nikolina’s knowledge and experience in key business functions and processes is paramount in ensuring the operational success of Material Exchange. Nikolina has Degree in Human Resource Management and Business Administration from the University of Belgrade and has a demonstrated history of developing processing and data strategies, customer engagement strategies, training, and growth planning and expansion within SaaS based industries.

Angela Vasiljev Tot

Brand & Marketing Director

Angela is a skilled marketing director with many years of corporate knowledge in developing and executing marketing strategies. Angela is results driven and customer-centric with an incredible attention to detail. Angela is key in organising our Open Book events and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Material Exchange.

Photo of Angela Vasiljev Tot
Photo of Jose Perez de Guzman Macaya

Jose Perez de Guzman Macaya

Project Management Director

Jose is an experienced and skilled Project Management Director with many years’ experience in software creation and project design management. Jose is instrumental in ensuring projects are designed, created and delivered on time and on budget. Jose has a worked within software project management and design for over 20 years.