Material Exchange

Pilot Program Policy

MATERIAL EXCHANGE (“ME”) is a SaaS cloud platform which includes the Digital Library and the Digital Profile. (The PLATFORM) Digital Library allows visualization and filtering of digital materials for apparel, footwear and related industries. The Digital Profile is a database of company details, and showcases its sustainable accreditation certificates, production capabilities and other certifications.

PILOT PROGRAM is a formalized use of the PLATFORM by a SUPPLIER to evaluate its business value over a specific period of time (PILOT PERIOD).

PILOT PERIOD is a 3-month no-charge subscription, from the date when the subscription was activated and expires exactly three months after at 3pm CET.

Until the end of the PILOT PROGRAM the SUPPLIER needs to choose and purchase a subscription licence from one of the Material Exchange products (Digital Library or Digital Profile), as well as billing options, on, or by sending email to Billing cycles and billing charges are based on the date and time that the subscription was activated, in Universal Time Coordinated (UTC).

If the SUPPLIER does not purchase a subscription licence, the PLATFORM will be available for SUPPLIER with a limited access for an additional 60 days (ADDITIONAL STAND-BY PERIOD) from the end of the PILOT PROGRAM. This limited access means that the data entered previously (such as company profile, connections, materials and material books) will be preserved, but the access to these properties will be limited. If the SUPPLIER purchases the subscription licence within the ADDITIONAL STAND-BY PERIOD, the SUPPLIER will regain full access to the product he/she previously selected (e.g. Digital Profile or Digital Library).

The ADDITIONAL STAND BY PERIOD expires exactly 60 days after it’s redeemed at 3pm CET, and the SUPPLIER will lose all the content – data (scanned materials, uploaded documents, messages, etc.). The SUPPLIER has to make sure to use or request sending email to all the content from the PLATFORM before the end of the ADDITIONAL STAND-BY PERIOD.

If the SUPPLIER has used a free PILOT PROGRAM, the SUPPLIER will not be eligible for another free trial program for at least 12 months.

The applicable documents for the PILOT PROGRAM are this Pilot Program Policy, the Terms and Conditions, the License Agreement, the Website Policy and the Privacy Notice. The SUPPLIER acknowledges that they have read those documents and hereby agree to be bound by them. In the event of a conflict between this Policy and the applicable agreement(s), the PILOT PROGRAM POLICY will prevail.

Material Exchange Venture AB (MEV) is permitted to display the SUPPLIER’s official logo on its website and platform, and marketing materials, noting that the SUPPLIER is a customer of Material Exchange’.