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Our exclusive digital showrooms allow you as a supplier to organize your collections and showcase them in the best way possible.

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Digitize your materials

Digitize your materials & components in 2D or 3D and upload into a material management system.

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Attract engaged brands​

Allow brands to easily find the specific type of material they’re looking for by creating customized showrooms.

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Build relationships

Open communication with brands to build trust in your expertise.

Material management system

Our material management system allows you to create showrooms and more!


Upload visuals and attributes to best showcase your products.


Create collections and showrooms to keep your materials organized.


Manage documents, testing data, sustainability certificates, and marketing materials within one cohesive system.

Supplier - Digital profile
Supplier - Digital showrooms and Chat

Seamless communication with brands

In our showrooms, component and textile supplier can easily converse with brands

  • Find out what they’re looking for
  • Help them navigate your selection
  • Develop a strong relationship that will elevate your offerings

Top features

Provide access to brands

You're in charge of which brands can access each of your showrooms.


Showcase your products​

Showrooms are available anytime from anywhere, giving brands the flexibility to access when it's best for them.

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Do business​

Brands are able to submit RFPs within showrooms – and you can respond with an offer.

Material Exchange Product sheet for Suppliers

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Learn more about our marketplace and its features in our product sheet.

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The basics to get started with digitizing your materials. 



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For suppliers looking to improve collaboration with buyers.



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Everything you need to really grow your material libary. 



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Scale package is for you as an Enterprise that is ready to scale big. 

All packages includes a Material Management System (MMS).

**Currently, we provide scanning in India and China. Additional transportation charges are paid by the customer.