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Repairing jeans for circular fashion

Creating circularity in the world of fashion

Circularity can be applied to a number of industries, but the clothing industry – worth USD 1.3 trillion – may be one of those most in need of this change. Read more on circularity and fashion, and why it’s up to all of us to make some changes.

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Digital Sourcing Market Report 2021

This report to provide insights into the fundamental shifts occurring for footwear brands, apparel brands & material suppliers on how they interact with materials in the digital world.

Interview between Darren Glenister, CEO of Material Exchange, and Andrew Olah, Founder and CEO of Kingpins Shows
Angela Vasiljev Tot

Game Changers in the Denim Industry

“The waste that goes on and on in these processes, and the cost of shipping it around, is an unreasonable waste of energy and resources. We need to change and shift our behavior to be more conscious about what we are doing as an industry. We cannot continue this direction – it is literally unsustainable – so the shift to digital must start now.” (A. Olah, Kingpins Show)
Following is a spring 2021 interview between Darren Glenister, CEO of Material Exchange, and Andrew Olah, Founder and CEO of Kingpins Shows.

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Andrew Thompson, Creative and Design Director
Andrew Thompson

The Eco Awakening of Materials

Sustainability is an ever-evolving theme every future-facing organisation is starting to unpack, otherwise known as the “eco awakening” specifically in the materials industry. The most practical thing to consider is stopping excess waste and pollution. Up until now, brand equity was everything; however, this is quickly being replaced by consumer perception and values, relationships and customer experience.

Beyond that, the industry will evolve further. What will be the future role for creators and designers globally? And in what ways will the industry evolve over time? How will materials play a role in a future-facing creation process?

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Press release
Material Exchange

Material Exchange establishes new benchmark across Footwear and Apparel industries with the launch of the inaugural Annual Digital Sourcing Market Report.

Sweden, June 22, 2021. Material Exchange Ventures AB – a Stockholm based startup that is digitally revolutionizing material sourcing for footwear and apparel – has released their inaugural Annual Digital Sourcing Report to provide key data on the fundamental shifts occurring in material sourcing within footwear and apparel supply chains, and provide insights on what the future looks like for the sourcing industry in a new, digital age.

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