A Statement by FDRA Senior Vice President, Andy Polk: How Brands Can Navigate The Complexities Of Remote Working With The Help Of Material Exchange.

March 25, 2020

We have spoken to many brands over the last week on workflows – as designers and development teams go remote. The use of outlook, jpgs and excel are functional but it isn’t helping fully sync workflows together in harmony. These tools are functional but not as efficient as they were in an office setting.

Conversely, we have seen several brands design and development teams using Material Exchange (ME) to see materials and collaborate through it with suppliers and factories with great success…increasing speed and accuracy even remotely. The challenge will remain that designers cannot see physical material books – perhaps for some time – and ME provides the ability for them to continue to thrive, not just survive, remotely. 

Material Exchange has a team in China who can take your suppliers material books and digitize them for your teams to work in harmony, during these remote work times and beyond. Visual, spec sheets, and full comms channels (video and chat) so no errors are made. 

This can happen quickly if you make an ask of your supplier – and as a reminder ME is FREE for your team and suppliers get access for 3 months free right now. (Only for suppliers connected to an FDRA brand).

Material Exchange is a tool that doesn’t just solve your remote workflow problems – but drives actual speed and efficiency over old tools and models.  

I cannot urge you enough to contact Darren Glenister to get started today – we see it working. It can help you! In a time of major change, we cannot do things the same way. We built ME for the future and that future is now. 

Ask me any questions you like on this! We at FDRA are running full steam to advocate for the industry in DC with all the stimulus bills as well as find solutions on business challenges. ME is a major solution on the business side right now.

Thank you,

– Andy