An Update on COVID-19 from Darren Glenister; Material Exchange CEO

April 7, 2020

Dear friends,

Regarding the COVID-19 outbreak, we felt it necessary to reflect on the situation and help those affected.

Firstly, we would like to point out our priority is the health and well-being of our employees, families, customers, partners and friends in the industry. Our thoughts are with those affected by the current situation and we are here to help those in need, in any way we can.

Office Working

We have taken the decision to implement a ‘working from home’ strategy during this time. This is in line with recommendations from local governments within our operating countries. All employees are now to work from home and follow guidelines from their governments and the World Health Organisation on how to keep themselves and their families safe during this current time. Our workforce has the necessary equipment to establish a suitable environment to carry on with their daily tasks. During this time, we understand that due to school closures, normal working hours can be affected. Management are fully supportive and would like to stress that our families will always come as priority.

Client Meetings

Similarly, we have advised against all face-to-face business meetings with clients and customers, and advised all staff and employees to limit their exposure to large social gatherings unless absolutely necessary. We are available to support our clients and customers in a virtual environment, all staff have the capabilities to organise and carry out virtual meetings and continue to assist our customers in any way we can.

Event commitments

We have also made the difficult decision to postpone hosting all Material Exchange events and postpone all participation at our partner’s events. This doesn’t mean that Material Exchange is turning our back on the industry. Our highly experienced team is organizing upcoming virtual events, such as webinars and online presentations so that brands and suppliers receive the same high-quality industry expertise they expect from Material Exchange.

Industry Pressures

During the global crisis we have a number of business plans in place to assist the changing business needs of our friends and colleagues involved in the industry based in Asia and around the world. We continue to offer support in any way we can to help businesses continue to operate during this time.

Our Partners

We are closely working to support our partners the FDRA, USFIA and their member brands. We have a number of policies in place to enable brands to continue to create products for consumers by virtually connecting them to their material suppliers.

If you have any further questions on how we are helping our industry, or know of anyone that our technology could help, please contact me directly: We will be happy to talk you through the next steps.


Sincere well wishes to all,

Darren Glenister


Material Exchange