Innovative Textile Supplier Adopts Textile Simulation System and Digitises Materials on their Path to Digitalisation

June 29, 2020

Tiong Liong Industrial Co. Ltd., (Tiong Liong) subsidiary of Nam Liong Group, was founded in 1979. Starting from a small-scale lamination factory it gradually grew up to an organized corporation with diverse businesses, such as, textile weaving, dyeing, hi-tech coating and laminating. To overcome the industry challenges of the 21st century, the company stepped onto a digital transformation journey, adopting a textile simulation system and moving to digital material showcasing to avoid both wasteful prototyping, and overcome physical barriers of showcasing their material to their customers in a manual way.

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Company: Tiong Liong Industrial Co., Ltd.


Location: Taiwan

Company Size: 400-500 Employees

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