Material Exchange Announced as Consumer Trend Winners at South Summit 2020

October 12, 2020

About South Summit

South Summit is the leading innovation platform which connects the most disruptive start-ups with worldwide investors and corporations seeking to improve their global competitiveness through innovation. 

The South Summit Competition brings together the most innovative start-ups regardless of their industry, development stage and location. The competition is an opportunity to provide more visibility to new and existing projects, find new clients, funding, or build strategic partnerships with key businesses.

The Process

Material Exchange was initially required to submit a detailed application to be considered for the competition. After much deliberation from the judges, we made the ‘top 100’ shortlist and went through to the finals!

The South Summit Finals were held on 6-8 October 2020 in Madrid, Spain. Material Exchange CEO, Darren Glenister presented our project to a live panel and a global virtual audience to progress to the final round.

After an intense head-to-head with another startup, Material Exchange were crowned winners of the Consumer Tends Category 2020.