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Material Exchange Launch New Community Forum to Enhance Communication and Interaction within Global Footwear and Apparel Industries.

April 14, 2020

Sweden-April 14, 2020. Material Exchange Ventures AB, a Stockholm based company and provider of the Material Exchange is delighted to announce a new forum based concept called Material Exchange Community, to enable better communication and relationship building within footwear and apparel supply chains. Material Exchange is a secure, online database that enables material sourcing and design teams to search, manage, and co-develop digital material samples, insoles and other components directly with suppliers.

The new Community will operate as a forum based application whereby brands, material suppliers, manufactures and industry experts can post and comment on all things industry related.

“We are thrilled to be launching our new Community. Now more than ever, the industry needs a way to discuss issues and create solutions. The community will bring together both ends of the supply chain in an informal environment”, said Darren Glenister, CEO; Material Exchange.

The forum will consist of a number of initial categories, with more planned for the coming months, current categories include:

Make announcements that directly affect the supply chain. Brands can make announcements on Sustainability, Investments, Products, Events and much more, opening news ways for them to interact with their supply chain.

Discuss anything and everything industry related. This gives freedom of opinions and discussion, here organisations can discuss any topic specific to our industry, whether that be, innovative & new technologies, sustainability initiatives or industry pressures.

Material Suppliers can announce new innovative materials that focus on Sustainability. We have subcategories to suit most materials including; Leather, Woven, Knit, Hardware (Buckles etc.), Synthetic or Insoles (Footbed).

Both brands and material suppliers can post about leftover and unwanted materials they have available. Whether these are cancelled orders, off-cuts or surplus stock. Brands and suppliers can come together to discuss the best way to limit material wastage and discuss new ways to help prevent impact to our planet.

This section is open to everyone, here we can discuss current job roles, furloughs and all aspects of working within footwear and apparel. The industries can come together to give advice, present opportunities and support each other. Whether you are looking for a new role or seeking the right person for a role, post all your job opportunities and requirements here.

“The new concept is something we are very proud of, this is another step on our journey to enable sustainable change within the footwear and apparel industries. The more transparency we deliver on the issues of the industry and the more we openly discuss and help each other, the more we can all alter our approaches and become more sustainable for the future. The new concept is another step in the movement towards sustainability,” added Darren.

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About Material Exchange

Material Exchange (ME) was founded in Stockholm, Sweden, in August 2016. The company is the brainchild of Darren Glenister, a digital transformation expert and pioneer in digitalization and supply chain innovation. Material Exchange has a global network of operations including Europe, USA and China. Material Exchange is the key to the digital development evolution of footwear and apparel brands. Built hand-in-hand with the world’s leading brands and suppliers, and backed by the FDRA and USFIA, the ME transforms an antiquated material selection process to decrease costs, decrease environmental impact whilst increasing speed and innovation.