Material Suppliers Can Now Share Multiple Materials with Brands OUTSIDE Material Exchange!

March 24, 2020

Material Exchange developers have been busy… we are delighted to announce yet another system upgrade!

The new upgrade means material suppliers can share digital materials with multiple brands outside the Material Exchange platform using the new ‘Guest’ Material Book, improving opportunities for new business and significantly increasing their reach. This new upgrade enables material suppliers to specifically select brands they wish to showcase materials, materials can be added and removed from their Guest Material Book to ensure they have a fresh and up-to-date inventory!

External brands can also reach suppliers within Material Exchange, by simply scanning the QR Code of their chosen supplier, this will automatically take the brand to the Supplier Profile, where they can not only view a collection of their materials, but they can also view the suppliers key company information, sustainable accreditations and certifications, instantly! When a brand has viewed the supplier profile, the supplier will be notified via email, providing an opportunity to connect and communicate, significantly improving collaboration and reducing timescales. 

The new release also includes the localization of the Material Exchange database in China. Users in China will be automatically directed to the Chinese version of the database with an option to select the English version. 

If you have any further questions regarding our system upgrades or improvements, please contact us: