New Outsole Material Type added to Material Exchange!

April 16, 2020

We are delighted to announce Outsole material type is now available within the Material Exchange platform. The Outsole is an important element in the construction of a shoe, it can be made from materials such as Leather, EVA, Rubber, PVC and many more. The new update will enable material suppliers to upload 3D images of their Outsole stock and share these with multiple footwear brands around the world, in real-time. The 3D samples and key material attribute data will limit the need for material suppliers to send physical samples to material sourcing teams; reducing their carbon impact and contributing to a more sustainable industry.

The new advancement will enable brands to further simplify the digital design and creation process by downloading multiple shoe components; the Upper Material, the Insole and now the Outsole, all from the Material Exchange Platform to be used in conjunction with digital design software – dramatically reducing product development costs and improving go-to-market timescales.

The new advancement is a further step in making Material Exchange the most comprehensive digital material library in the world!

The full list of supported materials:

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