What is “Open Book”?

A Material Exchange Open Book event is a unique event, organised with a brand for their existing supply chain, to highlight the importance of digital transformation through the Material Exchange platform.

Meet Your Brand!

Material Exchange run Open Book events all across the globe! We believe meeting members of your supply chain is crucial. Our Open Book events enable material suppliers & manufacturers to meet their brands in person, and are available to all members of Material Exchange with a full membership license.

What to Expect:

In addition to having up to 100 companies in one room, we show interactive presentations, great training videos, and demonstrate how to scan and upload materials onto the platform.

  • Material Exchange overview, demo and useful tools
  • New Features
  • On-boarding process
  • Free scanning of the materials
  • Uploading material data
  • News from the industry
  • Networking

Adding More Value….

We understand that English is not always the spoken language, in China we have established a Sales and Customer Service Office. Therefore, we provide our training materials, presentations and videos in Chinese, and the “Open Book” Events in China are bilingual.

Scanning can be difficult for some of our customers, on the “Open Book” Events you can get a free scanning of your 10 materials and fully uploaded to your Digital Profile.


Interested in an Event?

In order to receive your personal invitation to the event and meet your Brand in person, you need to make sure that you have purchased a Material Exchange License.


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Contact Us Today.

If you’re a brand, supplier or manufacturer, and are interested in participating in an Open Book event, then please get in touch: open.book@material-exchange.com