Open Book

Meet Your Brand!

Our events take place in multiple locations across the globe and enable material suppliers to find new business by connecting and building relationships with executives from retail, footwear and apparel brands.

What’s included?

The event is interactive, informative and FUN! In addition to meeting your brand face to face, we show engaging presentations and great training videos of our product, we also demonstrate how to scan and upload materials onto the Material Exchange Platform. We scan and upload up to 10 materials for FREE…So make sure you bring your samples along to the event!


If you are interested in being part of an Open Book event, please contact us below.
In order to receive your personal invitation to the event and meet your brand, make sure you have purchased a Full Material Exchange Membership License.

Note: We understand that English is not always the spoken language. Our Open Book events are bilingual, we have offices across the globe from China, Central Europe and USA. We provide all our training materials, presentations and videos in the native language.

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