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Material sourcing simplified

The Open Marketplace provides accurate, quality material data to enable brands and buyers to source the right materials and manage relationships with suppliers in a completely digital environment.

Why Material Exchange?

    It's free to join

    Thousands of digital materials at your fingertips

    Standardized material data to source materials

    Filter materials and suppliers based on needs

    Manage suppliers, materials and data, all in one place

    2D and 3D materials ready for design use

    350+ of the world's biggest suppliers

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Find the Right Materials

Looking for sustainable gloss leather from Mexico? The latest recycled plastic footbed? Eco-leather from China? You'll find them all in the Open Marketplace.

Easily filter materials based on: season, usage, sustainability, innovation, lead time, availability, price, geo-location, 3D or trends.

Go even deeper, filter key data such as: minimum order quantity, yarn, abrasion, weight, fiber content, finish, print, pattern and much more, helping you find the right materials, quicker.

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Access the Right Data

Data is at our core, our people love it! Which is why we worked with GS1 US - an internationally recognized information standards organization - for two years, as part of the Apparel and General Merchandise Initiative, along with leading fashion brands to develop the globally recognized attribute standards for digitizing raw materials.

The standardized data provides brands with consistent and accurate material data for product development processes.



Sustainability is at the heart of what we do. Together, we can reduce the environmental impact of footwear and apparel by digitizing material data and reducing the reliance on physical material samples.

Brands can view suppliers’ sustainability accreditations and certificates within the platform to make finding the right sustainable suppliers easier than ever.

3D material scan

3D Visualization

To us, a digital material is more than just a picture, we help suppliers create quality material scans in 2D and 3D using the latest, state-of -the-art scanning technology, we then attach standardized material attribute data to accurately describe a material.

Materials have 2D & 3D files available to download and easily create virtual products in real-time.


Find suppliers and materials easier than ever before, the Open Marketplace is rich with quality data; filter by type, finish, location, weave, yarn, lead time, production capacity and much much more.


The Open Marketplace will go live in Spring for Brands and Buyers. Join the Waiting List to get early access!

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