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Feel confident about your sourcing choices with decades of expertise to guide you as our team of experts helps you find the right material for your 
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Supporting your sourcing journey

With a seemingly endless number of materials and components out there, it can feel overwhelming to find the right one. Let the team of sourcing experts here at Material Exchange support you through the decision-making process. Our in-depth knowledge merged with strong industry connections of our ecosystem give us the unique ability to meet you wherever you are on your sourcing journey and cater our services to your specific needs.

Our sourcing specialties

In this big world of sourcing, we’ve developed a few areas of focus in which our material sourcing team can offer truly exceptional service:



A comprehensive spectrum of durable denim fabrics that's constantly evolving based on the needs of the market.



From sustainable fabrics to silky-smooth blends, our network of suppliers offers an incredibly diverse selection of materials.



Sourced from mills across the globe, an impressive array of the highest standard materials is here within our network.



A flexible, sturdy range of materials designed to withstand the forces of Mother Nature, whatever the season.


Exceptional materials for your next line of shoes, made to offer maximum support with long-lasting quality from start to finish.

home textiles


Top-performing fabrics made specifically to fulfill the needs of modern households with unparalleled quality.

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