Material Exchange

Annual sourcing surveys

Each year, Material Exchange conducts a digital sourcing and sustainability survey that provides insights into the current state of fabric sourcing based on responses from a diverse range of industry stakeholders. Check out our analyses of the results from each year here as we take a look at where the industry stands and what we can do moving forward.

2022 Digital Sourcing and Sustainability Survey Report​
Dive into today's sourcing

2022 Digital Sourcing & Sustainability Survey

Get a reading on what’s happening in the material sourcing industry today through this comprehensive report. We’ve compiled a wide range of data from sourcing professionals across the globe. Our findings incite hope that priorities are shifting toward more responsible, lower-impact workflows. Give it a read for yourself and hopefully you’ll be inspired, too!

Insight into material sourcing

2021 Digital Sourcing Market Report

This report delivers a comprehensive insight into digital readiness of material sourcing within footwear and apparel supply chains. The report ascertains how sourcing has changed pre- and post-Covid, and what new opportunities are on the horizon for brands and suppliers.

Digital Sourcing Market Report 2021