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Digital Fashion = Sustainable Fashion

Digital fashion = Sustainable fashion

The Deadstock Debut’s presence at the Kingpins Show Pop-up Event in Hong Kong has been marked by the addition of a brand-new hoodie made entirely of deadstock materials. Read more about the creation of this casual wear and why it’s so important here.

Sustainability inspiration from Barbie fashion icon

Sustainability inspiration from a childhood fashion icon

The holiday bustle is here, and with it, our sustainability team is taking the opportunity to reflect on where they draw their inspiration. This season, inspiration is coming from what is perhaps an unexpected place – and one which encourages us to allow the playfulness of childhood to influence what we do.

Chickens - Brett Jordan

Why do chickens have more rights than humans?

Consumers who purchase a carton of eggs at the grocery store are given clear options about their options with labels like “free-range” and “caged.” The clothing industry has no such labels, meaning it’s up to the consumer to do their own research. Perhaps it’s time for the fashion industry to take a page from the food industry.

Amy Leverton of Denim Dudes

Making better jeans for a healthier planet

Trend forecaster, jean expert, and mastermind behind Denim Dudes: Amy Leverton knows what she’s talking about when it comes to denim and all that’s happening in the world of indigo. In a recent chat with Leverton, we got a glimpse of where the industry is today, and where it’s going from here. Click here for our insightful conversation.

World Water Day water droplet

Fashion and water: a complex affair

Water and the apparel industry have been deeply intertwined since the production of apparel first began. For thousands of years, water has been used to dye handmade materials. Now, as a tribute to the value of water on this World Water Day, we thought we’d take a look at the latest when it comes to apparel, footwear, and H2O.

Alternative material handbags with a mushroom

Material Movements That Matter: Exploring Leather Alternatives

As consumers of today become more aware of the processes behind what they’re wearing, there is a growing need for industry players to consider sustainable alternatives to leather. Whether you’re on the supplier or the brand side, you’ll want to check out thought leader Andrew Thompson’s latest blog post here on Material Exchange covering the latest leather and leather alternative happenings!