Upcoming Events

NEXT TEXTILE Opening Conference

October 22nd 2020
Opening the Digital Show is the NEXT TEXTILE Conference; a one-day
interactive live event featuring some of the industry’s most respected experts
and thought-leaders. Join in the live panel discussions, interactive workshops
and must-watch keynotes to find out more about the textile industry and how
things may change in the future!

Sourcing & Inspiration Material Showcase

October 22nd – November 6th 2020
Hosted by Material Exchange, this two-week long exclusive material showcase
supports brands in finding the right materials from the right suppliers.
The showcase will feature the newest and most innovative digital material
samples from over 300 suppliers around the world. View materials, enquire for
more information and communicate with suppliers within their Virtual Show
Access by clicking the showcase from the lobby.

Digital Fashion Week

November 2nd – November 6th 2020
An industry first; a virtual fashion show featuring 3D designs inspired by materials from the Material Exchange Digital Material Library. A collection of the best
designs will be available to view within the showcase

To register, click here 

FDRA will be holding a series of online seminars — Digital (3D) FLOW – focused on helping every footwear brand successfully execute digital (3D) transformations through in-depth case studies, best practices, and specialized training.

Material Exchange is excited to be actively involved in the events to show brands how Digital Transformation can help them and the future of the industry.

Seminars will be held in May, June, July and August.

Click here to find out more about the FDRA Digital Transformation Event.

APLF is the world’s leading leather trade show where a huge range of leather and components can be found. Strategically located in Hong Kong, APLF offers a professional business platform where suppliers can meet thousands of international buyers who do their sourcing trips annually in Asia Pacific.

APLF covers the needs of the footwear, leather goods, garment, upholstery and interiors sectors from leathers and synthetics to components and machinery.

Material Exchange will actively engage with material suppliers, manufacturers and material sourcing teams to show how the implementation of digital technologies can create greater opportunities and significantly improve collaboration.

Click here to find out more about the APLF event.

Closing the Gap between Design and Retail

PI Apparel brings together the fashion, apparel and footwear industry to discuss the opportunities and challenges of emerging digital technologies.

Material Exchange will be attending the event and engaging with attendees to show the strategic opportunities that digital technology presents to footwear and apparel brands, and their supply chain.

Click here to find out more about the PI Apparel event.