Material Exchange

Digital Sourcing Market Report


Insight into material sourcing

This report delivers a comprehensive insight into digital readiness of material sourcing within footwear and apparel supply chains. The report ascertains how sourcing has changed pre and post covid, and what new opportunities are on the horizon for brands and suppliers.

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Sourcing Report

Digital Sourcing Report 2021

  • A detailed insight into sourcing  – What are the top materials, how do suppliers prefer to source materials, how often do they source and how much do they spend?
  • Are brands & suppliers Digital Ready? – How do Brands and Suppliers leverage digital libraries, what technology are they using and how experiences are they in using technology to source and share materials?
  • How often are preferred materials the focus? – Are sustainable options requested often? Can suppliers meet the demand?
  • How to improve collaboration opportunities – How are you communicating to get new clients, what Marketing and Sales channels are mostly used?