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State of the art 3D scanning and digitalization services for footwear and apparel materials 


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Digitize your materials

Quality material scans integrated with detailed material attribute data help to describe your materials accurately to buyers.

Digital workflows

Brands are adding 3D workflows to their product development processes. Increase business opportunities by adding 3D to your offering. 

Lower cost for samples

Lower costs of sending and sharing multiple materials to multiple buyers. Scan a single material and share with multiple buyers at the same time. 

Scanning Hubs

Finding & Sourcing

The Material Exchange Scanning Hubs are strategically located around the world:

  • Scanning Hub China 

    Dongguan, Guangdong Province, China 

  • Scanning Hub India (Launching later in 2021) 

    Mumbai, India 

  • Scanning Hub Europe 

    Stuttgart, Germany 

High Quality

High-resolution scans

We provide a super high-quality digitalization service including; scanning, processing, rendering as well as photography and videography to help suppliers digitize their material inventory and showcase these materials to brands. 

Scanned materials can be used in 2D and 3D CAD tools and rendering software like CLO, Adobe, Browzwear and more. 

  • Scanning

  • Processing

  • Rendering

High-quality scans

Only the best quality scans are accepted and available in the Marketplace.

Our services


Using a standardized light source, a photo gives a precise representation of a material. 

Flatbed scan 

Providing the best quality material scans for 2D workflows, such as: Adobe Illustrator.


Ideal for stretchy or bendy materials. The video shows the durability, elasticity and texture. 

3D Digitalization

A high-quality visualization of a 3D material to be used in 3D CAD design tools.

3D Conversion

For those transitioning from 2D to 3D. Convert 2D materials to be used in 3D design applications. 

Turntable Photography

Ideal for view dependent materials with complex appearances such as transparent or color traveling.

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