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Material Management System for Suppliers

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Be a pioneer of sustainable material sourcing for buyers across the globe by digitizing and managing your materials and components with an online material management system.


Digitize your materials & components with an online material management system that keeps your products organized in one place.


Show your materials and accessories to buyers across the globe. Receive notifications and requests for materials.  



Attract new buyers through  storytelling and effectively build relationships by creating bespoke collections​.


Scan a single material and share with multiple buyers at the same time. Receive sample orders from buyers! 

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Standardized Data Model

Digitalization & Material Management

We provide super high quality material scans and a standardized material attribute data model to help you digitize your products and accurately present materials and data to buyers.

Manage materials in folders and collections for easy access and to share with brands. Present your online library to buyers during virtual and in person meetings. 

  • Standardized data model.
  • Organize materials into collections.
  • Manage stock levels & order quantity.



A direct communication channel

Build and nurture relationships with brands by communicating with them directly using our Chat feature. This messaging capability means you can distinguish yourself among suppliers as well as address any questions brands may have about your materials and/or components.

  • Reach out via private chat threads for 2-way communication.
  • Provide brands with the information they need to make buying decisions.
  • Build brands’ trust in your knowledge through this valuable communication channel.
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2D & 3D

Material Scanning

Save time and money with the help of our global scanning hubs! No need to purchase expensive scanning equipment and training staff how to use it, we’ll do all the hard work for you. Simply send us your materials and we’ll send them back in a digital form, for you to easily share with brands. 

  • More visible to buyers.
  • Accurately show materials.
  • Scans are compatible with 2D and 3D CAD tools such as Adobe Illustrator, CLO, Keyshot, Browzwear, Romans CAD.

Coming soon!


Promote yourself as sustainable

The Marketplace helps you display your sustainability initiatives like Better Cotton Initiative, LWG, Responsible Down Standard and many more. Upload your certificates to verify your membership.

  • Showcase sustainability accreditations.
  • Be visible in the Sustainability Search.
  • Present material test reports.

How it works for Suppliers?



Register for your account today! Simply select the plan that suits your needs.



Our expert team will show you how to set up your company profile, add materials, certificates and team members.

English and Chinese languages are available.


Scan and upload

Upload 2D & 3D scans and material data to create collections.

Need help scanning? No problem, our scanning service is state of the art.


Promote and share

Connect and share materials with the buyers to build your network.

Use storytelling, videos or presentations to advertise your collections to buyers in the Marketplace. 





Organize your material and component collections into exclusive showrooms that brands of your selection will be able to access anytime. Within our showrooms feature, you’ll also have the ability to communicate directly with brands using the chat functionality so you can build and develop these valuable relationships.

Company Profile

Create a company profile to increase visibility to buyers. Add your contact info, sustainability accreditations, test reports, ​production capacity and more.

Share Materials

Sharing materials has never been easier. Know your customer’s details? Simply select the materials you want and click share!


The only direct communication channel to global buyers! Create group and individual message threads, and share documents and materials.

Coming soon!

Customer Data

 Live platform data straight to your dashboard! See material performance and what buyers are searching for.

Material Catalogs

Organize materials into collections by season, type or purpose. Control who sees your materials.


Some of your materials are public. Others are exclusively invite-only for your private Community members.

Material Imaging

Receive free 2D and 3D scanning services with your Marketplace subscription. Our material scans are best in class!

Material Security

Security of suppliers and materials are our No.1 priority.  Keep your exclusive materials and collections for Community members only.

Coming soon!


Tell your material and company story. Share promotional marketing assets!

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