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Circularity and sourcing: A Q&A with forward-thinking brands

Webinar on-demand - Circularity and sourcing

Did you know that less than 1% of discarded clothing today is recycled into new clothing? Meanwhile, a truck load of clothing and accessories is either burned or dumped into a landfill every second. The need for change is greater than ever before, and developing circularity within fashion is arguably the most important step toward a more sustainable industry.

Check out our Q&A webinar with some brands who are making big strides when it comes to circularity. In this interactive circularity event, we dive into how you can improve your business’ operations around this critical concept. Our conversation will provide insights and inspiration around circularity to help you make the changes this planet needs so desperately.

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tara maurice, coach

Tara Maurice
Circularity R&D

rosey cortazzi, aday

Rosey Cortazzi
Chief Product Officer

Andrea Kennedy
VP of Sustainability
Material Exchange