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Discover the Deadstock Depot

Last spring, Material Exchange launched the Deadstock Depot. Check out our webinar to find out what’s happened since then and where we’re headed.

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Since the launch of the Deadstock Depot, this circularity-focused initiative has been a huge success, captivating global audiences with its bold messaging and mission: to get deadstock off warehouse shelves and into the hands of brands who want it. Since then, we’ve been refining the initiative and have big plans moving forward. Tune into our webinar here to learn about the Deadstock Depot: where we’ve been, what’s happening now, and what’s in the works for tomorrow. If you’ve got deadstock you’d like to add to your revenue stream, you’ll want to hear what we have to say. Give it a watch today!


Ben Felton, CSO at Material Exchange

Ben Felton

Chief Strategy Officer

Emily Olah, VP of Strategic Partnerships at Material Exchange

Emily Olah

VP of Strategic Partnership

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