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The Eco Awakening of Materials

The footwear industry is shifting towards sustainability, with demand for eco-friendly brands and innovative strategies.

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The footwear industry is currently undergoing immense change – and it’s largely focused around sustainability. This “eco awakening” is growing in urgency and in scope; eco-friendly shoe brands are in demand like never before. Industry players need to prioritize lowering their impact on the planet and increasing their efficiency in order to stay competitive.  

In this webinar, founder of Fable Footworks and thought leader Andrew Thompson offers insights into how the footwear industry is working toward a more sustainable future. He covers topics including low-impact footwear, digital as a standard, sustainable materials for shoes, design for disassembly, and leather alternatives. Tune in to get all the details. 


Andrew Thompson, Creative and Design Director

Andrew Thompson

founder of Fablefootworks

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