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The Eco Awakening of Materials

Webinar on-demand - The Eco Awakening of Materials

Sustainability is an ever-evolving theme every future-facing organization is starting to unpack, otherwise known as the “eco awakening” specifically in the materials industry. The most practical thing to consider is stopping excess waste and pollution. Up until now, brand equity was everything; however, this is quickly being replaced by consumer perception and values, relationships and customer experience.

Beyond that, the industry will evolve further. What will be the future role for creators and designers globally? And in what ways will the industry evolve over time? How will materials play a role in a future-facing creation process? Many material suppliers and textile mills may be rethinking their processes or reducing collections to offer their customers a more sustainable approach. The ultimate goal is achieving excellence in all aspects (i.e., product, people and manufacturing).

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Andrew Thompson, Creative and Design Director

Andrew Thompson
Andrew Thompson is a thought leader who has over twenty years experience as a footwear Trend Forecaster, Design Director and founder of Fablefootworks. With a passion for detail and manufacturing quality and an ability to translate ideas into financially successful products. He has worked with brands such as Kurt Geiger, Topman, Nicole Fahri and Clarks International to name a few.