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Material Exchange streamlines an antiquated material development process

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Searching for the right material just got easier

Digitally Connecting Brands and Material Suppliers

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Searching for the right material just got easier

Bringing the process of finding and sourcing materials into the digital world

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Searching for the right material just got easier

Increasing Compliance and Sustainability in Supply Chains

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Key Features & Benefits For Brands and Suppliers

Materials By Filter

ME is a secure digital database where suppliers upload their materials and brands filter and search for materials from patterns to country of origin to help locate the right one.


ME simplifies communications between suppliers and brands – ensuring there is no confusion about what material you are discussing and it allows the brand and supplier director to have transparency on discussions between developers and sales team members

Material Specs

ME ends the need for suppliers to fill out multiple spec sheets and for brands to collect and analyze them. ME allows you to look at and download specs and images directly into your product management software or Excel.

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Get an inside look at why leading brands and suppliers are using Material Exchange.

The Material Exchange is an online database which allows designers, materials teams, product developers and material vendors to collaborate, filter and organize raw materials for their collections all within a secure environment. Click here to see our introduction to Material Exchange video to better understand features and benefits.

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“Material Exchange is something I’m very excited about. Having run the successful Materials Show, connecting brands and suppliers for decades, I hear and understand the new speed to market and communication challenges the footwear and apparel industries are facing. ME is something that can help both suppliers and brands better communicate on materials, cut costs for everyone from data inputs on specs to testing, and I think actually enhance the Material Show. Nothing will replace the touch and feel of materials, or the face to face meetings, but I’m working with ME because we need a tool to help take us into the digital age. Our industry needs a collaborative solution – no one brand can do it alone – and I’m proud to be helping advise ME and helping develop this platform as a key digital material solution.”

Hisham Muhareb

Founder and CEO of American Events / The Materials Show

“The product creation and design process for apparel and footwear goods is changing rapidly, increasingly relying on digitized materials database libraries. The challenge with that is each company has its own system or environment, what forces suppliers and internal employees to manually enter virtually the same data multiple times. Leveraging Materials Exchange as a standardized industry solution, rather than each company working on its own platform, will increase efficiencies in the supply chain having ME basically paying for itself. In addition to that, with the adoption of 3D design as a more mainstream creation tool, there’s an increasing demand for a better solution to store and organize digital material assets. This is where I see great potential for Materials Exchange to becoming an integral part of any apparel and footwear business.”

John Graebin

Senior Director of Materials, Deckers Brands

“The Material Exchange is going to be a powerful platform where we can share our material image, information and technology to all the customers. Material Exchange is not only going to save time and cost, it is also about speed and accuracy. It can become our data base for material development or to collect different customer data to learn industrial trends. We believe Material Exchange is going to be the future sustainable tool for material sourcing and data exchanges.”

Joseph Lin

General Manager, Tiong Liong Corp.

Revolutionizing supplier and brand communication. Improving material selection and management


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