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Fashion for all

Fashion is fluid – and always has been. As soon as one style sweeps across the masses, another one takes its place as the next new trend. It’s a constant evolution, an ever-changing flow. The only rule is there are no rules. But a theme which reappears over and over is to do what feels best for YOU. And that’s just what this year’s Texworld fashion trends celebrate: individualism, connection, social responsibilityand moving beyond the ordinary. Keep reading to dive into what’s making fashionistas tick in the upcoming season, and how Material Exchange’s partnership with Texworld is supporting the sourcing of these stylish textiles through a seamless tradeshow experience. 

fashion - eco-romanticism trend

Getting edgy with straight-edged fashion

If excess styles are a thing of the past, it’s Brutalism they’re being replaced by this season – and many in-the-know of fashion are going all in with bold, geometric forms marked by strong lines and structural silhouettes. It’s raw, rustic, and minimal, with a nod to industrial innovation, particularly that of technology. The term “brutalism” originally comes from the French phrase “beton brut” which means “raw concrete” and was first used by Swedish architect Hans Asplund in 1949 to describe – of all things – a square brick house. Today, it’s about the threads we’re wearing instead.

Now, as technology is increasingly woven into our lives, the evolution of smart fashion is becoming more prominent, and can be seen as a part of the brutalist fashion movement. Smart watches, smart fabrics – the combination of fashion and technology is happening and Brutalism is leading the way.

Nature-inspired fashion reaching new heights

Slow fashion is having a moment – and we hope it’s here to stay for the long run. In the meantime, through the Eco-romanticism trend, runways are filling up with these slowly-, intentionally-made garments inspired by the natural world around us – and with consideration for the people who work to create them.

The artistic and cultural movement of Eco-romanticism is quite a contrast to the structural approach of Brutalism, and is characterized by poetic laces, vegetal prints, and irregular tweed for a softer, earthier style in balance with the natural world around us.

A few of the looks from last month’s Met Gala epitomize the Eco-romanticism look, like Zendaya’s in Maison Margiela gown by John Galliano or Ayo Edebiri’s dress by Loewe. A bit whimsical and fantasy-inspired, these outfits take into account the world we live in and the people who live in it.

fashion - eco-romanticism trend

A melting pot of fashion

Colors, patterns, weaves, details – throughout history, every culture has developed its own approach and style for the creation of its clothing. The current trend of Fusionism embraces these approaches in a vibrant, folkloric style, harkening back to past eras and the time-consuming task of making clothes by hand. While not all of the pieces within Fusionism are made by hand, they incorporate many of the fine details evolved over generations of garment making across multiple societies.

The unique and eclectic styles of Fusionism include various mixes of yarn, oversized plaids, fancy tweeds, and knitted jacquard. This blend offers a unique, individualistic look which can be adapted to suit any occasion or setting.

fashion - fusionism trend

Technology and fashion through science

Like the Brutalism trend, this final style – Scientism – combines technological advancements with fashion, this time with a more futuristic and sustainable twist. Recycled fabrics are the focus, replacing bio-based textiles, and practicality and functionality are prioritized over aesthetics.

By emphasizing minimalism and sustainability, Scientism makes space for technology to be integrated into clothing creatively while maintaining its purpose. That doesn’t mean, however, a bit of shimmer or luminescence won’t be involved – just to keep things exciting. Fashion designers like Dior and Thierry Mugler have been known to incorporate Scientism into their lines – and in the coming months, we’re sure many more will, too.

fashion - scientism trend

These trends will lead the fashion world over the coming season – and are the focus of next month’s Texworld, happening at the Javit’s Center in New York from July 16-18. This event will feature the debut of the Trend+ initiative, a partnership between Material Exchange and Texworld which creates a seamless sourcing experience for brands at tradeshows like this one.

Simply put, brands will be able to browse the Trend area of Texworld, scan QR codes on materials of interest, and gain access to all material and supplier data in an instant, as well as the ability to order free samples for express delivery.

Join us for the Trend+ experience at Texworld later this month – and in the meantime, register for the latest updates on all things Trend+ here:

If you’d like to attend Texworld, there’s still time to register. Simply fill in the form here and you’ll be on your way: 

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fashionable woman with pink flowers

Fashion for all

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