Material Exchange

Katie Syk

woman dressed in denim

Bringing deadstock back to life

Excess materials aren’t new to the fashion industry – but the sheer volume of them has reached a point at which it cannot continue. In this blog post, we explore what deadstock is; why the fashion industry needs to make some changes to reduce it; and how to make those changes happen.

Fashion industry goes digital

Fashion’s digital transformation

The fashion industry is in the midst of some big changes right now – and for good reason, too. For decades, the apparel and footwear market has been laden with inefficiencies and practices that harm the Earth. Thankfully, that’s starting to change now. Here, we dig in to what’s happening when it comes to digitization in fashion today.

Amy Leverton of Denim Dudes

Making better jeans for a healthier planet

Trend forecaster, jean expert, and mastermind behind Denim Dudes: Amy Leverton knows what she’s talking about when it comes to denim and all that’s happening in the world of indigo. In a recent chat with Leverton, we got a glimpse of where the industry is today, and where it’s going from here. Click here for our insightful conversation.

World Water Day water droplet

Fashion and water: a complex affair

Water and the apparel industry have been deeply intertwined since the production of apparel first began. For thousands of years, water has been used to dye handmade materials. Now, as a tribute to the value of water on this World Water Day, we thought we’d take a look at the latest when it comes to apparel, footwear, and H2O.