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Material management system for brands

A Material Management System to support your sourcing workflow

The material sourcing industry is changing fast and it’s never been more important to simplify your workflows than it is now. Get ahead of the curve with a Material Management System (MMS) that keeps everyone aligned in real time. Whether your teams are located across the hall or around the globe, you need to be sure they’re all on the same page so they can operate efficiently – and Material Exchange is proud to offer a seamless solution that does just that.

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Benefits of our MMS

  • Digitize materials and components using one of our Scanning Hubs or upload your digitized materials
  • Discover new suppliers, materials, and components 24/7/365
  • Efficiently distribute briefs to suppliers
  • Select and then preview visuals of collections and materials; save the planet by viewing online
  • Integrate the platform with your preferred design tool
  • Take advantage of exclusive pricing for brand users!

Our MMS for Brands allows you to:



Digitize your materials and components with visuals and attributes.


Create collections and showrooms to keep your materials organized and share them with the brand users you choose.


Manage documents,  sustainability certificates, and more within one cohesive system.



Present your materials to the stakeholders/ users of your choice.

Adjusting to your business needs

Stay agile with efficient collaboration

With Material Exchange’s MMS, you can either add materials from your suppliers and drop materials into collections and showrooms; or invite the suppliers of your choice to add their own materials themselves, depending on how you’d like to use the system.

  • Create and share materials, collections, visuals, documents, and more.
  • Invite brand users of your choice to your showrooms on the platform.
  • Communicate with suppliers and/or internal users directly within the platform.
  • Build and nurture relationships with your suppliers in one place.
  • Engage with brand users or suppliers via direct chats.
MMS for brands

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