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Material Exchange Ventures Launches a Global Digital Marketplace for Material Sourcing

Stockholm, Sweden – October 21, 2021: Material Exchange is launching its digital Marketplace as a next-gen sourcing platform for the footwear and apparel industry, which represents trillions of dollars annually. The platform replaces fragmented analogue sourcing processes with streamlined data for transparency, increased efficiency for reduced cost, and less waste for sustainability. 


The Marketplace has been proven through beta use for many months and is now ready for general adoption throughout the footwear and apparel industry. The mission of Material Exchange Ventures is to revolutionize material supply sourcing as the sooner the industry moves to digital, the faster waste is reduced and go-to-market potential is accelerated.

“One of the features we are most proud of is the ability of brands and buyers to use the powerful smart search functionality to discover materials that meet their specifications for sustainability and quality, regardless of the supplier’s geographic location”

Kelly Burton, Chief Sustainability Officer, Material Exchange

The global Marketplace is complemented by a material management system (MMS) for both suppliers and brands to maintain a library of their materials, documents, certificates, streamlined communication, and showrooms for special collections for presentation to selected buyers.

“Our latest offering is concierge-level services to help brands find the right materials through our experts, which reflects our commitment to supporting sustainability and our planet as well as a quality user experience” says Darren Glenister, CEO, Material Exchange.

The Marketplace also includes several curated exchanges which are designed to make it even easier for brands to find specific material types. One of the exchanges is the Kingpins Exchange for the denim market, which is backed by the largest denim trade show in the world: Kingpins Show.

On Tuesday, October 26, 2021, Material Exchange will be hosting an online event called The Next Generation of Materials Sourcing: Meet the Material Exchange Platform to introduce the Marketplace which will feature material supply sourcing experts and technologists. Included in this incredible lineup is Keynote Speaker Andrew Olah, the CEO and Founder of Kingpins Show – and Kingpins Exchange – who will cover the following topic: Jeans – The Drive and Map to Sustainability. Join Andrew and the rest of our panel in discovering the next generation of material sourcing by registering for the event here.

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Material Exchange is the fast-growing international virtual Marketplace where data meets innovation in a revolutionary technology platform to transform the materials sourcing process and simplify complex relationships between footwear and apparel brands and material suppliers. The sooner our industry moves to digital where it is appropriate, the sooner we reduce the carbon footprint and increase sustainability while enabling faster fashion. Leveraging accurate data delivers transparent, efficient, and cost-effective sourcing; protecting the planet is a by-product of doing business smarter.


Ben Felton, CSO 

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