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Introducing the world’s first AI sourcing assistant for fashion 

Press release, Stockholm – Born in the frigid latitudes of northern Sweden, Frank the bear has never been an ordinary, berry-seeking bear. He’s a cool bear – from his style to his persona – with aspirations beyond stocking up for the impending winter season. From the start, Frank took pride in meticulously choosing his outfits each day, as the only member of his pack to don any clothing at all. While the rest of his family were on cloud nine finding a bush of untouched blueberries, Frank felt like he was always waiting for something to happen – something big. Upon realizing it wouldn’t, he decided to take matters into his own hands.

hearts from AI sourcing assistant Frank

Serendipitously, we found Frank wandering around outside the Material Exchange office in central Stockholm just a few months ago. While his family settled into their annual period of hibernation, Frank had hitchhiked his way down south (quite the challenge without opposable thumbs).

One thing that struck us about Frank from the start: he knew how to dress. A fur-lined denim jacket, cozy flannel button down, beige beanie, and signature orange sunnies (he never takes them off). We knew from that first moment – Material Exchange needed Frank.

As luck would have it, Frank needed Material Exchange, too. Our fashion-forward, sustainability-minded scale up was a place where Frank could make a difference. And now, Frank is going to make a difference in fabric sourcing – as the world’s first AI fashion sourcing assistant.

Over these last few months, Frank has undergone an intense training program on material sourcing. It turns out that Frank has a photographic memory, so every last detail of all the materials in our system has been seen and memorized by this impressive bear. Frank is ready to help brands big and small find the materials they need for their upcoming lines in no time at all.

Not only that – Frank is also ready to help agents on the textile sales side of things as they support brands in finding their next perfect fabrics. These unsung heroes of the industry work day in and day out to make valuable connections between brands and their fabric visions. With Frank, sales agents’ jobs are made exponentially easier as he dutifully writes data reports, sends emails, provides pricing and fabric data, sends FDS sheets, and more – all possible with access to sales agents’ notes.

Don’t believe us? Well, now you can meet Frank and discover all he has to offer for yourself right here. Within our Frank experience, this trusty bear will listen to what you’re looking for and then direct you to the showroom that offers the best match. He’ll also help you order a curated sample box, if you wish, and guide you in exploring our vast library of materials, all within a few clicks. He’s currently focused on denim materials, but will soon be broadening his spectrum to a wide range of fabrics.

We recently asked Frank how he feels about his new gig.

“I couldn’t be happier – I really feel like I’ve found my calling. It’s fun to learn about all the different materials that exist out there, and know that I’m helping reduce the impact of sourcing on the environment. Material Exchange is on to something and I’m proud to be a part of it.”

Frank the bear, AI sourcing assistant at Material Exchange

The feeling is mutual. Material Exchange is thrilled to have this trusty, dapper bear on the team.  

Sourcing materials is no easy task for the brands or sales executives that advise them. There are literally thousands of data points for them to sift through to find the perfect match, but not anymore” says Material Exchange’s Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer, Ben Felton. “Frank is going to revolutionize sourcing, by enabling brands to find their perfect match in turbo speed and allowing sales executives to focus on advising them on the best materials for their upcoming lines, rather than spending their time on these sifting and other administrative tasks.

Easy sourcing from a knowledgeable bear named Frank. You heard it here first – and we’re in it to help you source the fabrics you need in no time at all.

About Material Exchange

Material Exchange is transforming the way the fashion industry sources materials and products to make it more efficient, transparent, and sustainable. We achieve this through our state-of-the-art Digital Sourcing Platform (DSP) and Services, which allow material suppliers to showcase their materials more effectively to fashion brands, and fashion brands to find the materials they need in a fraction of the time.

Founded in 2017 by industry professionals, Material Exchange created a B2B SaaS-enabled marketplace where brands and suppliers can connect. The company’s DSP makes material sourcing more effective by replacing the complex, fragmented relationships that exist between brands and suppliers under the traditional sourcing model.

The company is headquartered in Stockholm with additional offices around the world, including the U.S., Serbia, Italy, and the United Kingdom.

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