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Textile consultant OTS joins the Material Exchange team

Press release, Stockholm, Sweden – On September 18, Material Exchange acquired Italian textile sourcing consultant Overseas Textile Service (OTS) in a move which brings both businesses a more global presence across the fashion industry. Material Exchange is proud to announce this merger and welcomes the OTS team of sourcing professionals, whose vast range of experience and knowledge will greatly contribute to Material Exchange’s mission to transform fashion.

Overseas Textile Service - OTS owners with Material Exchange CEO drinking wine

OTS, founded by Denis Dotto and Marco Dase in 2009, specializes in supporting apparel brands in their production development through the entire process, from the initial design phase to the final product. OTS takes pride in their showroom stocked with thousands of garments available to offer inspiration and support to brands along their creation journeys.

With four decades in international fashion under his belt, Dotto sees how the industry is changing now and wants to be sure OTS keeps up.

“A digitized industry seems far away today, but the world is moving very fast,” Dotto explains. “If we wait until people are ready to take advantage of these digital tools, we will be too late. People think it’s too complicated – and it is complicated, but it will save us time and money. This change needs to happen.”

For OTS, Dotto sees this shift happening through Material Exchange’s digital capabilities, which enable fashion to be more efficient, transparent, and sustainable. Material Exchange looks forward to working with OTS as an opportunity to further expand their reach in helping fashion players transfer their operations to the digital space.

“OTS is one of the best at what they do – they’ve got decades of valuable knowledge paired with a network of contacts from some top brands and suppliers,” says Material Exchange CEO Darren Glenister. “We’re thrilled to be able to join our efforts as we transform the fashion industry and bring digital sourcing to the forefront.”

OTS does indeed have an impressive portfolio of brands, from Dolce & Gabbana to the United Colors of Benetton, and has even supplied employee uniforms to McDonald’s. And the consultant has no small ambitions for the future.

“By joining Material Exchange, we can use their technology. Digital fabrics are the future and the support we can get on this from Material Exchange is exciting. We also get to leverage an international company with international connections. We’d like to bring our concept to the US, the UK, and beyond – Material Exchange will help us do that.”

Denis Dotto, Partner at Overseas Textile Service

Not only will Material Exchange and OTS mutually benefit from this acquisition; it will also bring the fashion industry one step closer to true digitization – and that will help the entire planet and everyone on it. The new age of fashion is here now and Material Exchange is thrilled to have OTS joining their digital journey.

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