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Find out more about the fantastic new features of the Material Exchange platform.

FInd out more about the fantastic NEW FEATURES of the Material Exchange platform.


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What We Do

Material Exchange work with the world's leading fashion footwear and apparel, brands and suppliers to digitally transform their material supply chains, and to create a sustainable and transparent fashion material industry.

Our Approach

We digitize and streamline complex supply chains. Our platform integrates with existing 2D/3D CAD tools and simplifies collaboration processes.

Areas We Focus

We are working with industry associations to digitally define attributes for Fabrics, Leather, PU, Mesh, Trims, Hang Tags, Insoles, Outer-Soles and many more.


Brands are making the shift from analogue to digital and from 2D to 3D. Fashion is becoming faster and time to market is becoming shorter. Brands are demanding full transparency into their complex supply chains to help reduce costs and ensure product compliance. Material Exchange allows brands to work with manufactures digitally which reduces the reliance on physical samples, and greatly reduces material wastage for a more sustainable future.

Reimagine the Material Selection Process

Why PTC recommends Material Exchange as a leading retail innovation platform?

Imagine This: Being able to search, filter, and download from an online database to reduce time spent looking for fabric samples and manually entering data. A centralized repository of up-to-the-minute data and images, reducing the need for physical samples and swatches. Decluttering your design studio and organizing fabrics more efficiently by making your material selection from a digital library.

Imagine That: A platform that lets design and product development teams pull materials specs and pictures into 3D design programs, allowing them to change materials and colorways instantly and continuously throughout the design process.Don’t like how a certain color looks on your product? See what other options look like without having to work backwards.

 Imagine the Speed:A digital visualization solution that makes decisions about colorways, design and material easier before you create physical or virtual prototypes. A tool that lets designers and developers test designs and improve compliance before production.

Imagine the Savings: An onlinetool that’s able to populate PLM data to give development teams line-of-sight into material costs, availability, quality and compliance issues.Getting the exact specs for every item in the bill of materials instantly.


  • "The Material Exchange is going to be a powerful platform where we can share our material image, information and technology to all the customers. Material Exchange is not only going to save time and cost, it is also about speed and accuracy. It can become our data base for material development or to collect different customer data to learn industrial trends. We believe Material Exchange is going to be the future sustainable tool for material sourcing and data exchanges."
  • “The product creation and design process for apparel and footwear goods is changing rapidly, increasingly relying on digitized materials database libraries. The challenge with that is each company has its own system or environment, what forces suppliers and internal employees to manually enter virtually the same data multiple times. Leveraging Materials Exchange as a standardized industry solution, rather than each company working on its own platform, will increase efficiencies in the supply chain having ME basically paying for itself. In addition to that, with the adoption of 3D design as a more mainstream creation tool, there’s an increasing demand for a better solution to store and organize digital material assets. This is where I see great potential for Materials Exchange to becoming an integral part of any apparel and footwear business.”
  • “Material Exchange is something I’m very excited about. Having run the successful Materials Show, connecting brands and suppliers for decades, I hear and understand the new speed to market and communication challenges the footwear and apparel industries are facing. ME is something that can help both suppliers and brands better communicate on materials, cut costs for everyone from data inputs on specs to testing, and I think actually enhance the Material Show. Nothing will replace the touch and feel of materials, or the face to face meetings, but I’m working with ME because we need a tool to help take us into the digital age. Our industry needs a collaborative solution – no one brand can do it alone – and I’m proud to be helping advise ME and helping develop this platform as a key digital material solution.”








Search materials by filter, communicate directly with suppliers in the system, have full line of sight into who on your teams are talking to what supplier, end costly data processing by being able to download specs directly into Excel or your PLM software and many more.





4000$ per Year/per Company

Manage all your materials and specs in one place, streamline communication, enhance collaboration with your clients, find new brands and track analytics of what materials people are browsing.