Private Marketplace

An invite-only, digital workspace for brands and hosts to create private material showrooms for the footwear and apparel industries to collaborate and share materials in complete privacy.

Digital Collaboration

Digital Collaboration

The new way for brands to meet seasonal milestones, without the need to plan around physical and in-person material trade shows. Materials can be sourced year-round from new and existing suppliers.



Only suppliers who are invited by a brand or host can access the Private Marketplaces making them a secure material sourcing solution.



Brands can create their own Private Marketplaces and invite their most trusted material suppliers to source materials in complete privacy.​



Hosts can create frequent or yearly Private Marketplace showrooms to enable brands and suppliers to interact and share materials in a digital environment.

Private Marketplaces can work as a stand alone solution or be part of a physical event to create a hybrid show.


Private Marketplace in Action

Check out the Kingpins Exchange: the year-round digital sourcing solution for the denim industry.

The Kingpins Exchange has over 50 denim suppliers and 2000 buyers collaborating and sharing materials daily.

Read the Founder's Letter about Kingpins Exchange

Chris Price

An incredible resource!

"The Kingpins Exchange is an incredible resource that allows us to connect with fabric sourcing teams and designers on their schedule – 24/7/365. This unique tool gives Prosperity the ability to showcase our latest developments and curate our fabric collections for each brand in a cloud based searchable archive."

Chris Price, Director of Sales and Product Development at Prosperity Textile & Stella Blu Textile


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